The New Accreditation System

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Your Michigan Osteopathic Association (MOA) supports the negotiations of the American Osteopathic Association (AOA), the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education and the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine in their efforts to resolve issues related to the education of osteopathic students, residents and fellows. The MOA also supports, in concept, the pursuit of a single, unified accreditation system for graduate medical education programs. However, in their press release about the proposed change, many issues continue to be addressed by the respective bodies. As the three organizations are working toward defining the process, format and timetable during the coming months, the MOA will be prepared to make any modifications to our support as needed. It is our hope that a solution may be arranged which allows for the continued education of osteopathic trainees, but also protects the unique qualities of osteopathic education.

For more on the AOA, ACGME move toward unified accreditation for graduate medical education programs, please visit the AOA’s website.

More Answers for Osteopathic Medical Educators on the AOA/ACGME Unified Accreditation System

As osteopathic medical educators, we know you have a few questions about the proposed unified accreditation system. We hope that you have had some of these answered through the AOA’s website and by AOA staff. However, to help answer more questions about the unified accreditation system and how it would impact you as DMEs, program directors and other osteopathic medical educators, we have put together frequently asked questions (FAQs) specifically for you. Visit the FAQs

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